With so many opportunities and so little time, I’m out to


Have a Crack

I love business, strategy & marketing. I’m involved in a number of business ventures and work to make a difference. I’m passionate, committed and a great business partner.


Help Others

I’ve been fortunate in life and believe it is important to ‘pay it forward’. I volunteer for the sport I love and provide insights, strategies and pro-tips at no cost for those who want to learn & grow.


Have Fun

Excited people have more fun! I want to show up at the Pearly Gates yelling ‘what a ride!’ I love my family and friends and I relish experiencing our lives together. Having fun can be enjoyable and productive!

What will you find here?

I’ve developed this site to keep in touch with the wide range of people I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, while also providing information about businesses and other pursuits I’m involved in.

You’ll also find opportunities to learn from my experience (and mistakes) via Ned’s Network, which provides information, contacts and opportunities for people who join – for Free. It’s one of the ways I’m paying it forward.

If you’ve arrived here after seeing me speak or we had a face-to-face meeting, you’ll also find downloadable resources, accessed with the password I provided. Give me a shout if you’ve forgotten it.

That’s nice Ned, but talk is cheap. Give me some love!

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