Game Plan - Helping athletes transition from one successful career to the next

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I am in the early stages of launching this business, but I have been planning it for many years.

I think athletes are better placed than anyone to take advantage of the skills experience and contacts they have access to during their career.

Currently, I am writing my next book on this subject (Working title: After the Game: How to remain highly valued, professionally successful and financially secure when your career as an athlete ends.)

Its written for professional and elite athletes and those who work with them. I am undertaking market research to ensure the book will mete the exact needs of athletes who are thinking about the day the final whistle blows (and beyond).

If this is you, or someone you know, I’d really appreciate a few minutes of your time to fill in our questionnaire. Everyone who does this will get a FREE electronic version of the book when it is released. If you are willing to have me interview you on the phone or face to face (so I can ask a few more questions), I will give a you a printed version when it hits Amazon.