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I was fortunate to find basketball at a young age and I’ve remained constantly involved… my wife says addicted… ever since. I’m still playing, although getting pretty slow (and I wasn’t fast to start with) and now feeling very thankful that I can still hold my own with a few others of my generation.

I’m currently the Chairman of Basketball Australia and also Chair of our High-Performance Commission.

In between, I have done just about everything in the sport:

  • Played at state, national and international level
  • Played at the national level in Australia’s NBL – a very brief, un-remarkable but extremely enjoyable period of my life
  • Coached and been a referee
  • Performed numerous roles, paid and unpaid, at association, state, national and international level
  • Done the whole Jackie Moon thing, acting as player, coach, General Manager, bus driver, chief salesman and entertainment director for the Goldfields Giants in their first year in Western Australia’s State Basketball League

Served on the Boards of

I’m proud of my involvement. Its been a labour of love that will continue for many years yet, barring any unforeseen mishaps along the way. Some of this history was recently outlined in an article written by Jayden Keeler.

To find out more about Basketball Australia, this is the best starting point

To contact me about an opportunity for Basketball Australia (or any of the State bodies who make up the membership), please send me an email.