What others say


What others have to say about you is far more important than what you say about yourself. I call this ‘social proof’ – evidence that everything else on this site actually has some integrity and value.

I always try to act with the highest integrity and ethics. I believe in the saying “What goes around, comes around”, meaning that in the long-term, its always best to do the right thing by people and give them your very best, because you will get found out (for good or bad) at some point.

I also love one of Ronald Reagan’s most famous quotes: “Trust but verify”. Testimonials from actual people who know me, have worked with me and believe in what I say and do provides some of this ‘verification’.

So, here’s some feedback I’ve had from people just like you who I’ve had a bit to do with.

As Chief Executive Officer I have used Ned Coten to “rebrand” the DBA. Ned provided outstanding support and guidance through the project from Brief to Concept stages and then worked very closely with us as he guided us through implementation of a new brand. Ned has continued to follow up with outstanding ongoing service and advice. 

The reacation to the rebranding of DBA has been sensational and we continue to receive unsolicted positive feedback. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ned. His support, expertise and professional manner are first class.

Graeme Allen CEO, Dandenong Basketball

I know Ned as a client , as a recruiter, and I can safely say I wish they were all like him! 

He is a genuine, considerate person, professional, empathetic, and striving for the best. A very human person, he cares about the way in which he deals with others, always prepared to see things from others’ perspectives. I imagine this would make him very valuable as a leader of his business from a clients point of view. He will really listen, understand what you are looking to do, and then motivate his people to deliver. 

Ned is a great client, and a top bloke – a great Aussie recommendation – one of my very few clients that is taller than me too! 

If you are looking for a leader that will actually care about what you are trying to achieve, will take the time to REALLY listen to your objectives, Ned is your man. You’ll have a great time doing it too!

Kieran Brazil, Brazil Recruitment

Hi Ned
I attended both the branding seminar and workshop you presented at Moonee Valley Council for Design Victoria. I found them both great. Having worked with design and branding for many clients, it is an interesting exercise to look at it in relation to your own business – your point of the value of objectivity is a good one to remember.

Many thanks for your generosity in time, knowledge and enthusiasm given in these presentations.

Wendy Bayliss, Wendy Bayliss Design

Hi Ned
I attended your workshop last night and I thank you for such an interesting and professional presentation. Could I please accept your offer of the emailed slides. I found them to be refreshingly straight-forward and would like to work through and consider them at a more leisurely pace. I attend nearly all of the council workshops and most of them are wannabe presenters who do the usual ‘talking head’ routine, so it was refreshing to actually become engaged with a workshop that offered intelligent observation rather than hyperbole.

David Waterfield

I have known Ned for over 25 years and in that time can attest to his professionalism, work ethic, integrity and thought leadership. Independant of the issue, Ned possess higher order problem solving skills that any business partner will benefit from.

Chris Carroll, Marketing Director, Medibank Private

Dear Ned
THANK YOU so much for your presence and your precious time. I have already begun research this evening after our meet.
I will keep you posted about my progression. Again, thank you for sharing.

Helene Czerny, Seminar Attendee

If all clients were as easy to deal with as you were, life would be grand.
It was a pleasure to deal with you and I look forward to assisting you into the future with any container needs that you may have.

John Hutchings, Sales Executive, Royal Wolf Trading Australia

Hello Ned
Thank you for being so accommodating to Joe and Emily it means a lot to me. Suzanne and I have talked about coming back and putting the kids in school down in your world for a year (or two).

Travis Tinning, Canada

Hi Ned
I’m Alex’s mum and I just wanted to say (like Frank probably already has) that Alex had a thoroughly wonderful week of work experience with you. I had dinner and shopping with her on Wednesday evening and she was buzzing with a quiet delight at how the whole experience was going. She reveled in how lovely everyone at the company was to her and to each other, and was made to not feel welcome, but productive. Thank you so much!

Jenny Kelloway, Mother of work experience student

Hi Ned
Thanks for your efforts yesterday. I thought the process you went through was great and this will only help you with a complete understanding of our thoughts. Its an exciting future for this brand and I’m glad I have you helping at this important stage of its evolution.

Shane Heal, Managing Director, Urban Burger

Hi Ned, Thanks for this – it looks amazing and such an improvement on the other version! Thanks again for helping us out – a fantastic result and such a short turn around.

Emily Dowling, MWB Manager, MARS PETCARE

Hi Ned,
Was great to meet you guys the other day We’ve been really impressed with the work you’ve done to date and looking forward with working with you moving forward. Have a great day

Zoey Saunders, Brand Development Manager, Fonterra

Hi Ned,
Thanks again for your time. I really appreciate it! I’m a really strong believer of paying it forward as well from my travel experiences.
I would really enjoy and appreciate staying in touch and receiving the shared emails. I think it will be a real benefit for me.

I like to keep up to date with everything that is going on in the industry, whats happening on the net and in general such as music and movies! As I have over 10 years in the music and movie industry.

Jack Fitzgerald, Design Student

Hi Ned,
Thanks very much for delivering the workshop last night. As you’ll have no doubt noticed, the feedback was very positive, which is great from our perspective as well as yours! I hope you had a safe journey back home.

If you are interested in delivering your session here again in the future, we would be very interested in having you do that. Thanks once again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Seona Taylor, City Growth Support Officer

Hi Ned,
Amazing and professional effort to meet deadline and produce an outstanding document.

John Elliot, Future Sport & Entertainment

Hi Ned
I like the package…very clever and very well executed.

Luke Marget, Director, NutrientWater

Thank you Ned! I still can’t get over quality of work in such a short time frame! Cheers

Anna Globan, Brand Manager, Fonterra

That was great Ned. Very clear and simple message.

Nick Ikonomou, CPA, ActionCOACH business coach

Hi Ned
Absolutely fantastic, thanks so much.

Becky Hyde, Chief Marketing Officer, Horizon Science

Thanks Ned
You rock!

Kim Jensen Marketing Brand Manager - Sweet Breath, TPR Holdings LLC New York

This is perfect. Thanks for such a great proposal.

Louise Duffy, Administrative Manager, Tasweld Engineering

Great presentation guys & fantastic job all round.

Mark Devitt, National Marketing Manager - Consumer, Techtronic Industries Australia