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I have had a blessed life. I have also had some real ups and downs and have learned so much from the people around me. At various stages of my life, these people have been vital. Some of them have become lifelong friends… others, I’ve never seen or heard from again.

As my way of ‘paying it forward’ and saying thanks to the world and also to stay in touch with the people I meet, I created Ned’s Network. Since its conception, it’s become a community of people who are interested in business, marketing, sport and making the world a better place. ‘Members’ get an email from me about once a month and occasionally I publicise opportunities that I think might be interesting to people.

My intention is to provide others with the valuable information I’ve learned during my life. There will never be any charge for this; I’m not trying to sell anything and people can unsubscribe at the click of a button whenever they want to.

My ultimate goal is to help 1,000,000 people get better at business, marketing and having a better life. As I’m just getting started, it would be great if you could join and spread the word