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Ned Coten is a former professional athlete, sports CEO and marketing expert who now works with organisations wanting to build thriving brands and communities. He’s been the CEO of three major Australian sporting clubs, worked with major international brands and served on numerous boards.

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Ned Coten is a man on a mission. He’s passionate about making a difference and believes the world is crying out for those willing to step up and engage their skills, resources, and energy to make a real difference in their communities and beyond.

As a professional athlete, Ned was good, but not great. He realised life after sport was going to be important. Knowing this, he used the contacts, resources, and skills he acquired as an athlete to launch his career and business ventures. Since leaving the (basketball) court, Ned has been the CEO of three major Australian sporting clubs, and ran a successful branding and marketing business, advising some of Australia’s best-known brands, including Wrigley, Heinz, Kimberly-Clark, Ryobi, Novartis and Fonterra.

Ned runs Game Plan Marketing, working with sports organisations wanting to build thriving brands and communities. He’s the author of  ‘Get a Game Plan – How to Brand and Market Your Sports Organisation,’ and has produced a number of online resources for sports marketers. He’s well connected in both the sport and business worlds and serves as an investor in a number of other ventures. Ned also thrives as an engaging and energetic keynote speaker, having presented to a wide variety of business and sporting groups on numerous aspects of branding, marketing and business development. He has served on numerous boards and committees and currently serves as Basketball Victoria’s Vice President.

Beyond all that, Ned is also still heavily involved in sport as an amateur athlete, coach, and volunteer administrator. He has provided advice to many organisations, administrators, and management boards over the past 15 years. Not to mention he’s an expert at simplifying the process for successful branding and marketing initiatives in any sporting environment.

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