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I have been an investor in Sapphire Care since 2006 and have seen the business grow from a small, but well run business, into one of the best success stories in aged care in Australia.

The business operates nine aged care residences in Melbourne, Australia and has another three under construction and renovation. Sapphire also has a significant ownership in Blue Cross Aged Care, making it one of the largest privately owned operators in the country.

You can find our more about Sapphire Care here

If you are considering Aged Care for yourself or someone close to you (parents, friends or family) there’s a quite a lot you need to know. You can learn some of this at the Governments Aged Care information site.

If you’re looking for personal service and a little inside help, please send me an email,  and I’ll personally pass you on to the right person at Sapphire Care based on your situation. Aged care is an extremely complex area, and you’ll need help understanding the system and getting financial advice (both are separate processes). Obviously, I think Sapphire Care is a wonderful place to care for our ageing population, but regardless of where you go, please ensure you get good advice.

Again, please feel free to get in touch if you want help with aged care at